Last week one voter couldn’t wait for Dan Smith’s round of GC’s Toughest Prof. And it didn’t disappoint — approximately 97% of voters found Smith to be the toughest. I eagerly awaited for the responses — why did GC pick Smith? What made him the toughest?

You can understand my disappointment when no explanations were provided. I assume that pure fear of the chemistry department motivated voters. The science building is foreign to me, I can only imagine the horrors it hides. 

Apparently the science department isn’t the only department eliciting terror from its students. According to one voter, “Terry Martin’s Spanish skills would stun any English speaker. With an utterance of “voluntario o victimo” he can send a shutter through any classroom.” 

While Martin uses Spanish to scare his students, Paul Keim, bible and religion professor, uses his knowledge of a less-common language. One voter noting that “Paul Keim just randomly knowing the Hebrew for bible verses is absolutely terrifying.”

But even the defeated profs from this round are something to be feared. There’s a rumor going around that “Kathy [Reimer’s] TV doesn’t even turn on unless you’re riding the elliptical to power it. AKA she’s an absolute beast.” 

But the toughest person in this round wasn’t any of the profs. No, my dear readers, the toughest person was the voter who savagely remarked, “maybe it’s time for the professors to get new headshots.”