We’ve all seen the lights on above the Rott — late at night, blinds drawn. 

It’s clear someone is living there. 

But who… or what? 

The mystery intrigued me and I decided to get to the bottom of it. But it was all rather tight-lipped and hush hush. No one seemed willing…  or able to speak to who lived above the Rott. 

In a last ditch effort I did what my generation does best: I tweeted. And sure enough, I got a hot piece of gossip from C.C. Lilford. Lilford had the inside track since they were part of the custodian team who had helped clean the place up for one of the new chefs at Westlawn Dining Hall.

This all sounded so familiar. A talented chef who must stay hidden away lest people discover his identity. It was the plot of the classic 2007 film “Ratatouille.” 

Finally, I figured out who lived above the Rott — but why was it so secret? I’m not saying the new chef is Remy the rat, but I’m not not saying it. 

If it is true, it’s just another example of how Goshen is achieving its vision of an inclusive community. 

Goshen is an institution that welcomes all — from the international students all the way to the furry creatures who cook our food. 

Welcome to the GC family, Remy.