Which woodland creature are you? Find out here!

People generally describe you as _________.

A. Cute and cuddly

B. Loud and hairy

C. Skittish and quiet

D. Disgusting, intolerable and having horrible teeth

If you could eat anything of the following what would it be?

A. Something that Howell House would grow in their garden.

B. Honey-crusted salmon

C. Anything that you can find in your cupboard… or on your lawn. Like grass.

D. Raw, bloody carrion

You would be found on any given night…

A. Curled up with your well-worn copy of Watership Down

B. Hanging out with Piglet watching Planet Earth

C. Frolicking  through fields of wildflowers

D. Rummaging through dumpsters and running in front of fast moving objects on the highway

What are your goals in life?

A. To grow up and have lots of babies

B. To make it until the next hiber… err, vacation.

C. To look really cool, even after death.

D. To scare the crap out of every single person you meet

Mostly A’s: Congratulations! You are a cute little bunny.  You’re a lovable person always hippity-hopping from from hole to hole with all your other cute little rabbit friends.

Mostly B’s: Congratulations! You are a bear! You enjoy your sleep, and single-handedly keep your local Red Lobster in business.  You are outdoorsy and even make an appearance in the Bible! (Read 2 Kings 2:23-25)

Mostly C’s: Congratulations! You are a deer!  You like to run around from place to place, and like to stare into bright lights for long periods of time. Sometimes too long.

Mostly D’s: I am incredibly sorry.  You are an opossum. Dirty and mean, even the kindest of people have trouble spending much time around you, partly because of your Oscar-the-Grouch-personality, partly because you smell like wet socks covered in garbage, but mostly because you look like evil in its purest form.