Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which font you are!

1. What does your morning routine look like?

a. Wake up early, get a workout in, shower, eat breakfast.

b. Roll out of bed 10 minutes before class and throw on whatever is on top of my clothes pile.

c. My “Imperial March” alarm clock goes off 30 minutes before class, giving me just enough time for a shower and some sustenance.

d. Wake up early, spend a lot of time getting ready, stop for coffee, end up missing class.

e. That’s not for you to know.

2. What’s your preferred method of transportation?

a. Car

b. Train

c. Skateboard

d. Horse-drawn carriage

e. Nondescript black sedan with bulletproof windows

3. Thoughts on cottage cheese?

a. I’ll eat it with peaches or something.

b. Sure!

c. Absolutely not.

d. I need to leave the room if someone within 50 feet of me is eating it.

e. Is that code for something?

4. What’s your dream pet?

a. Dog or cat for me please!

b. A rock

c. A tuatara

d. Ew

e. A highly trained German Shepherd, but s/he’s my colleague, NOT a pet.

5. How do you feel when I say “Phase four has ushered in the golden age of cinema?”

a. What?

b. If you say so.

c. Are you crazy? Phase four has been Marvel’s weakest phase by far. Eternals and Thor: Love and Thunder were two of Marvel’s worst movies and both came out of phase four. Marvel peaked with phase three.

d. This doesn’t sound relevant to me so I stopped listening.

e. How do you know top secret military code that means “the eagle has landed?”

6. Would you eat in bed?

a. No.

b. Oh for sure. I am right now!

c. I’ve been known to lie prone and hork down a calzone.

d. My day bed, yes.

e. N/A

7. What would you do if you uncovered a presidential assassination plot? 

a. Um, tell the authorities?

b. Nothing.

c. Cook up my own plan to thwart it and save the day.

d. Again, I don’t really see how this question pertains to me, it’s not my business

e. Who’s asking? What do you know?

8. Favorite type of music?

a. Pop

b. Whatever is on the radio

c. EDM/Electronica

d. The classical pop covers in Bridgerton

e. We’re not done talking about the last question. I’m going to have to bring you in for interrogation.

Mostly A’s:

You’re “Times New Roman.” Professional, put together, classy. You’re a good choice for any situation, and you always put in at least a little effort to go out.

Mostly B’s:

You’re “Arial.” Like the default font on Google Docs, your answers show that you put little effort into anything. You’re cool just going with the flow and you accept yourself as you are.

Mostly C’s:

You’re “Comic Sans.” A little nerdy, a little geeky, but fun loving, and down to earth.

Mostly D’s:

You’re “Herr Von Muellerhoff.” You look pretty, but are really hard to read and perhaps a bit impractical.

Mostly E’s:

You’re “Black Ops One.” You live your life like you’re in an elite, special spy squad. Always on your guard, nothing can get past you.