Well, here goes, November.  We go in like babies and out like lions.  Or at least that’s the concept.  Every year, brave men (and women too… for bouncer to this party) set their Gillette Fusions in the medicine cabinet for a much needed month long vacation from the daily routine of up-downs on their faces.

So here are words of encouragement for those that have set sail on their No Shave November voyage.  When the first week rolls around and you’re looking patchier than a dog’s coat with a small colony of fleas, stay strong.  When your Grandma Elsie tells you over Thanksgiving that you remind her of the man who asks for coins in front of the local Kroger, stay strong.   Even though scornful looks may be cast upon your trache stache or your half dozen unsightly long hairs may encourage your friends to refer to you as Billy Goat Gruff, hold fast to the rock of this time honored November tradition.  You don’t need more reason than that.  Sure, you may not be Abe Lincoln, Brian Wilson or Marshall Watson, but at the very least take NSN for a test drive, and see what you’ve been missing out on.

Also, based on last year’s experience, I might stay in the bleachers for NSN 2010.  For full details, come ask me about it. But you all have my support.