Can you feel it? The leaves are turning from their standard issue green to their brilliant hues of red, orange and beautiful.  Scarves will soon find people to wrap themselves around and  foot traffic in Yoder One will soon increase twenty fold. All this points to one thing.  It’s time to choose a Halloween get-up.  And there’s pressure to choose awesome costume. You don’t want to be that weird guy in the corner with street clothes and an eye patch claiming to be Captain Hook.  That’s a part I played one year too many.  So, to aid you in your Halloween deadline decision making, I, with the help of statistics professor Dr. John Fitzmartin, bring you a solution.  And it comes in the neat little package known as a Decision Tree.  Now, this isn’t your standard Decision Tree, this might be more like a California Cedar, or maybe even a bonsai.  It’s adapted, suited to better fit our needs of finding a rockin’ Halloween costume.

(See comic)

So there are some ideas… maybe this will get you thinking, maybe you’ve seen something you like.  This is just to get some creative juices flowing, I’m not gonna limit your choice to 8 costumes – that’s unfair to you and boring to everyone else.  Truely great Halloween costumes include a heaping helping of an ingredient known as originality. So, use this not as an end, but perhaps as the first branch towards the leaf you’re looking to cover yourself with.