Hello faithful readers, and welcome back to another edition of Ponderings with Pauls.

Wait… did I say another edition? I meant the first edition. I guess I thought this wasn’t my first time, as it has always been my dream to write a column.

And now on the Record’s funnies page, I finally have a platform.

I am hoping to make this column a weekly thing, so fingers crossed this goes well enough so that Rachael doesn’t kick me off the page.

As many of you may know, daylight savings came to a dark end this past Sunday. If you didn’t know that, then that might explain why you’ve been an hour late to all of your classes.

Since the sun now sets at the God-saken early hour of 6 p.m., Goshen students’ only option to quench their thirst for a bright, sun-like light source is the sole LED light on campus.

But I’m not here to write another funnies piece about the stunningly bright LED moth magnet, oh no readers, I am here to warn of something much more serious.

Now that the night time takes up more of the day, Goshen college students are struggling to resist an urge.

It seems as soon as the sun sets, a certain energy is dispersed throughout the entire campus, blessing/cursing each student with a strong urge to waste their precious earned coin on Americanized Mexican fast-food.

As I am learning in my Methods of Social Research class with David Lind, I need to offer some sort of evidence to back up my claim. So, although this example wasn’t peer-reviewed, it’ll have to do.

During the very night that I write this, the Kenwood boys piled into brother Krabill’s Buick LeSabre and rolled over to the House of the Rising Burrito.

Keep in mind, I still had to write this article, yet something inside me (most likely hunger) couldn’t refuse.

So one $5 Chalupa Cravings Box and a medium root beer later, I bring you this article of warning.

As the night time hours increase beware of the urge.

The urge for Taco Bell.