Hey friends, classmates, mentors and readers far away with subscriptions to the Record.

First of all, wow, thank you for the support.

My name is Avery. Some may just know me as the overwhelmingly pale, petite student with brown hair they occasionally see on campus. This description, though spot on, may get confusing due to the many people on campus who fit similar descriptions.

“Wow Anna Naf, it’s great to see you as a student again this semester!” I often hear shouted at me across campus.

Or, “Brenner, you left your French horn in the chemistry lab again after your run…you gotta quit doing that!”

On occasion I even get “Maggie, great job performing this weekend! Did you choreograph that yourself??”

Teaching, running, science and choreographing are among skills I don’t have, so being mistaken for this crowd is a delight—but let me keep moving.

You may have seen me sitting in Java doing homework, in the library printing homework or in the esteemed Westlawn Dining Hall pretending to do homework at a table by the fire.

(No sarcasm in the use of the word “esteemed.” If you don’t already appreciate the Rott, just wait until you no longer have the unlimited plan.)

These are my home bases. If you haven’t seen me in any of these places, perhaps you confused me with someone else or you just haven’t been paying attention, because I spend literally all of my time rotating between them.

This is due to the fact that I am a PJCS senior in my final semester, frantically attempting 16 credit hours of business and creative writing elective courses. (I know, interesting choices. A true liberal arts experience, I’d say.) This is the most credit hours I’ve ever taken in a semester; how does one keep up?!

I’m trying to reach 120 credits by graduation. Like everyone else I suppose, this goal is far from unique. But unlike most students I’ll be cutting it close, hitting 120 right on the nose…after May term.

Many of my peers don’t have this problem, they already live off campus and go to classes part time.

Some even have real jobs!

(Shout-out to Roof house, as they have become my off campus sponsors.

While I secure the benefits of living on campus, they have provided me with a place to drink tea and light candles.)

But let me tell you, reader, why taking a small amount of credit hours each semester and getting to live on campus senior year is the paramount option over all others (at least for people like me who have a major with less than 50 credit hours…okay, 41, and don’t have to pack their semesters into a full load).

Tune in next week and enjoy the rest of your subscription.