Hello again GC Fans!

Welcome back to Ring Before Spring! Your favorite (and only) matchmaking service through the Record! Since last week was such a (loosely defined) success, a dear friend of ours asked if we could help him out. Ladies, we have for you the man you never knew you wanted (or needed). He’s GC’s most eligible (desperate) bachelor! Our friend is super smart, he’s a double major in Chemistry and Molecular Biology. Is this Jeopardy? Because that sounds like the best daily double ever. Make it a true daily double and go all in if you have one of these qualities:

A sense of humor

Kinda smart? (This is more of a plus than a requirement)

Not self-centered (he’ll hype you up enough)

Be okay with listening to music that ranges specifically from EDM to classical (or at least don’t judge him)

I could go on and on about how awesome this guy is, but you should find out for yourself! Any potential applicants may need a good attention span for long stories with little to no point. However, simply knowing when to throw out an appropriate “yep,” “wow,” and “no way,” will work too. While a resume can tell us about your previous work experience, it won’t tell us enough about your personality. So, this week, send us a joke or meme that has made you laugh so hard you cried and your favorite chemical compound! If you don’t have one, google is a wonderful resource. All (and I mean all) inquiries can be emailed again to me, Hayley (hsbickford@goshen.edu).