As a Mennonite who has been to many a Mennonite hub across the country, I have stumbled into many MCC thrift shops (because as we all know, every Mennonite can’t pass up a good thrifting opportunity when it arises). I have also noticed a commonality among most of these thrift stores: as you will see in the rest of the article below, they all incorporate either some sort of rhyme or alliteration. 

This phenomenon got me thinking of other possible alternative Mennonite thrift store names, so I thought it might be entertaining to have you, The Record reader, guess: Menno Thrift Store or Not?

Basically I’ll give you two names of MCC thrift stores. One of them will be a real MCC thrift shop that is located somewhere in the United States, while the other will be a name that I conjured up that I think has the potential to be considered for MCC’s next thrift shop location.

Good luck!

1. “Buy it Borrowed” or “Crowded Closet” 

2. “Care and Share” or “Love it and Leave it”

3. “Country Closet” or “Menno Miscellaneous”

4. “Yoder’s Yardsale” or “Save and Serve”

5. “Gift and Thrift” or “Wear and Share”










“Crowded Closet” – Iowa City, IA

“Care and Share” – Mountain Lake, MN, Archbold, OH, Souderton, PA

“Country Closet” – Plain City, Ohio

“Save and Serve” – Millersburg, Ohio

“Gift and Thrift” – Bellville, PA, Gap, PA, Harrisonburg, VA