Some of you may know me as Anna, but, really, all I am is a sad soul who is two-for-two on being deprived of an on-campus May Term. Last May was my first year and you might remember that we had to leave campus a wee bit early due to the pandemic that has graced us this past year. 

Now, you may be thinking, what about this year, Anna? And that’s a great question. This May Term, I will be at Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center for Dirt Class. 

Don’t get me wrong! I’m super excited to be there and learn about the brown substance beneath our feet, but I have always dreamed about what a May Term on campus would be like…

Even though I’ve never experienced it, I’ve heard of May Term Play Term. During this mystical time, school goes to the back burner and I imagine you just do things like play Dutch Blitz and spikeball. 

I propose that we add some alternative May Term themes to the docket and I figure that anything that happens during May Term must rhyme. For example, this year I’m participating in Away Term and the sad reality of last year was Dismay Term. 

Here are my ideas for the last two May Terms of my college career: Disobey Term would be a great one and, to accomplish this, you just need to take a gander at the other article from this week’s funnies for some foolproof ideas. Combine one or two of those pranks with nightly dumpster diving and Disobey Term would be popping! 

Another fun one could be Whey Term, where everyone is required to take weightlifting and drink whey protein shakes. Not only would it be a fun bonding activity for the student body, no team would stand a chance against our swole macho GC athletes. 

I think the administration and CAC should consider supporting these alternative May Term endeavors for the coming years.

Thank you.