So, last _________ I went on a _________ __________ with a really _________ __________.

weekday                               adjective             noun                                        adjective             noun

We went to a _____________ first, and then after that we ___________ a ____________

noun verb (past tense) noun

at a ___________ __________. After that, things got _____________.

noun noun adjective

Neither of us really knew what to _____________ next. She suggested that we go to a


____________ ___________ downtown and then go to her ___________ for ___________.

noun noun noun plural noun

I wasn’t so sure. I didn’t really want to ___________ up ____________ because I had to

verb adjective

_____________ at ____________ the next ______________. I told her, but she just said,

verb number noun

“________________!” And ______________ my _______________. Before I knew it, I was

exlamation! verb (past tense) noun

_____________ in her ___________. I spent the next _______________ hours trying to

verb ending in “ing” noun number

escape. Finally, I made up a ___________ excuse and _____________. What a ______________

adjective verb (past tense) adjective