Dear editor,

I found the Funnies section last week to be VERY fruitful and to contain countless bits of wisdom — the advice on dating and roommates was incredibly helpful. I have always thought of myself as a fairly “with it” type of person, but even I learned a bit! 

Anyway, to the point of my writing. I found that maybe I shouldn’t try to win over my roommate and someone I’m interested in at the same time? I feel that the advice was at odds. 

For example, I haven’t been showering (per the tips for being a good roommate), but as a result I haven’t been able to successfully attract anyone I’m attracted to. I have gained the nickname “stinky boy” which is obviously less than ideal. And now my girlfriend is also mad at me? Help!

In conclusion, I worry that something may have gotten by the fact checkers during layout last week. Are we sure these tips are helpful? Looking forward to some clarification!

Tyson Miller is a junior majoring in “none of your business.” In his free time, he likes to design paper airplanes with his extensive knowledge of aerospace physics.