“Uh, yeah. This is Steve. I tried to call the Inside/Outside Voices phone number and it just rings busy so I’ll leave my message here. Yes,yes, we all know Becca Kraybill is the most awesomest Record editor ever in it’s 100 year history. I just wanted to warn everyone that I’ll be at GC for alummi weekend…. THE CLASS OF 87 ROCKS. See you in a couple days.” -Steve Walter, ’87

“Hey this is John Miller calling in. I just ordered a breakfast scone from Java, and I noticed it has little bits of bacon in it. I asked the barista, Hans Weaver, what was with that, and he told me “after you cook meat, you don’t have to refrigerate it.” So I kinda wanted to ask what Java is up to with that. Alright, over and out.”

– John W. Miller

“Look, it’s Friday night, and I’m letting my bowels go free.”

–          Unidentified

“Hi, this is Emily Kraybill, and we think Matthew Amstutz is an Inside/Outside clogger. Because there are more important things to talk about right now. Like Marita Beachy’s 21st birthday!”

-Emily Kraybill

“Hi this is Emily, and I’d like to add on that if Matthew Amstutz is going to be a clogger, he might as well be an Irish clogger.”

–          Emily Kraybill

“Hi this is Kaleb Batten, and I’d like to say that none of the freshmen know me, because I’m frickin’ weird. But you others should call me ‘short tie’ from now on. Yippee kai-yay!”

–          Kaleb Batten

“Hi, this is Jenna Nofziger, and Alex Matthews, and Mike Zehr sucks, Bekah Groff and Jared Miller, and we’re just calling in to say that we do not appreciate that the campus bells ring two minutes early, before eight o’clock a.m.! It makes us feel bad when we’re getting to our other classes, and it’s like ‘ready or not.'”

–          All those people

“Hey, this is Daniel Barwick and Indy Miller, and you should come climb on the rock wall, because it’s open!”

–          Daniel Barwick and Indy Miller