“Hello, this is Grant Miller. I think the Goshen College community should be aware of a fantastic musical group that we have right here on campus. I would encourage everyone here to call in and advocate to have for the next year’s Performing Arts Series, Three Skuzins and a Funkle. Please look them up on YouTube if you are not aware, they are a fantastical musical group that are pioneering this age of musical talent in the United States and abroad in our fair world. Thank You.” … “I hate Grant!”

– Grant Miller and adversary

“Why yes, that last message was my glorious return to Inside/Outside Voices this year. and the second thing I’d like to say is, for the first 14 years of my life for P.E. I ran in front of my mother’s car for P.E. Thank you, enjoy. I’ll talk to you all later, goodbye.

– Grant Miller

“Yes, hi, this is Lewis Caskey and I’m just clarifying Grant Miller’s previous call. That that’s because he was home-schooled. His mother is not actually very mean, she’s a very nice lady. Lynette, you should call her up if you get the chance. Buh-bye.”

– Lewis Caskey

“How can I be humiliated about my calls if I’ve been the one calling them in. And second, I have a square phone.”

– Grant Miller

“How do I know when it starts?” … “Listen!” … “They said it was a message earlier.  Oh it’s going, oh ok, incase, ok… Matthew, start now (uncontrollable laughter).”

– Grant Miller