“Hi this is Quinn and I’m having a great Christmas break.”

– Quinn Brenneke

“Hey this is Quinn again I wanted to say happy first day of Hanukkah … gee thanks bye.”

– Quinn Brenneke

“Hi, this is Emma Ruth and I’d just like to let you know that there’s an open invitation for all girls to come to Jacob Maldonado Nofziger’s room. Ok thanks, bye.”

– Emma Ruth

“Shalom, this is Jacob Maldonado Nofziger calling. I wouldn’t mind it if no girls were ever in my room ever. Thank you, bye.”

– Jacob Maldonado Nofziger

“Good afternoon Goshen College, this is Brian O’Leary informing you that apparently we have skipped winter and gone straight to spring. You know what that means all you wo- Goshen College women out there, it’s sundress time. SUNDRESS UP!”

– Brian O’Leary