I am one of the few.

One of those who struggles. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is a struggle.

For others, it is Tuesdays and Thursdays.

You don’t know I exist, because I look

just like you.

I am one of the few.

Every day I go through the same routine as you,

but there is just one thing that sets us apart.

It’s not the number of classes that we take,

because I’m sure we have similar credit hours.

It’s not the way we look,

because we all range in appearance.

It’s not where we are from since we come from many



around the globe.

I am one of the few.

You might be able to identify us from the others on campus,

Possibly by a small grimace due to an upset stomach

Or the slight smell of 100% post-consumer

recycled cardboard on our hands.

Or maybe by our absence from the Rott on certain days.

I am one of the few.

There is one thing that, if you would look close enough, You could see what makes us different



A quickened pace as we rush from our 11 o’clock class to our 12 o’clock class

A leftover packet

of mustard

or mayo

in our



A small box,

no more than a few inches in


width and


I am one of the few.

But it is what is within the box that sets us apart from you.




Is lunch.

I am one of the few who has a boxed lunch.