Definition: people-watch–“the practice of observing people in public spaces in a casual setting.”

This is Bockchoi hailing from the city life of Boston. I am a self-proclaimed expert in the art of people-watching. The art of people-watching is achieved in many different ways. There is a science behind this phenomenon. My preferable location to practice the art of people-watching is by the Charles River or the local coffee shop. The beauty of people-watching to me is that I will probably never see these people again.

I have spent a good three semesters in the grand state of Indiana, and I must say it is very different to what I am used to. Goshen College is a small and unique community, and let’s face it, you know everyone here.

I will have to admit, I for one thought one of the professors was Amish. Now back at home, there would be no problem, but here, you will end up having to introduce yourself and converse in small talk with the person you realize isn’t actually Amish. First glance and you knew that he was a prof. (I tried following him to his class without him knowing and I just couldn’t catch up because his strides were no match for me.) I imagined him to be a professor that taught agriculture and I just assumed Amish people were the pros at that kind of stuff (you know, farm stuff).

For some, people-watching comes naturally and is usually found in small talk. For example: “Oh my goodness; Annika Detweiler has the loudest laugh on campus.”

“I know, right?” and so on.

The “juicy goss,” or the “dirty deets,” are easily found and speculated on this small campus. People-watching is also a useful tool for procrastination. I am no stranger to procrastination, and people-watching is one of the tools that makes a person feel productive when in reality–well, I guess you sort of kind of are.

Hint: You may find it easier to practice this art by listening to loud first-year clusters while walking to the Rott.

I have also been privileged with the dorm rooms of Yoder. Their unique window seats and a perfect view of the KMY lawn make for a great observation spot. *insert winky face*

There is so much more to tell and even more to learn. The art of people-watching is a dangerous feat. People-watching is like ice cream to a lactose-intolerant person. You know that you can’t have it, but it’s so good that you sometimes cheat.

But all in all, I am pretty sure I’m not the only one that people-watches. Right?