October marks the start of cuffing season, so if you’re single and want to mingle, we have some tips for you! 


How to find a date: 

Even on a campus as small as Goshen, it can be hard to find a date. Dating apps are an option, but often feel inauthentic or inaccessible to people looking for genuine love. Don’t fret. There are always options.

Put a personal ad in “The Record”

Have a friend set you up on a blind date

Put up posters around campus with your phone number and a QR code for people to schedule an appointment date with you

Send a random person a Google Calendar invite for a date

Start a club on campus for singles

Look on Facebook Marketplace 

Suggested locations and activities for a first date:

The question of what to do in Goshen is always stressful. Here are some extremely romantic settings to make your date go smoothly:

The Rott. Nothing says romantic like a nice, public dinner in our fine Westlawn Dining Hall.

Penguin Point. We don’t need to elaborate. 

The Goshen Public Library. You can tell a lot about a person based on their comfort level in the library.

An RV factory. Elkhart County is known for its RV production. Help your date to feel more acquainted with the area by touring a local factory and discussing the implications of having a monolithic industry on the local economy. 

An elementary school playground. Bring back your inner child.

Find some tracks and watch the trains. One of our favorite pastimes. 

Invite them over for a binging party of the Schrock Plaza livestream. Riveting conversation is sure to follow from this excellent people-watching experience. (This may or may not be an option…the livestream has devestantingly been “under maintenance” since July.”)

Dressing for a first date: 

You want to make sure your date feels as though they are important and worth your time. You need to show you’re serious about this. When in doubt, dress business casual. Also, take some tips from the birds and pull out your flashiest colors. You’ll be sure to leave an impression. 

Questions sure to make conversation flow on a first date:

First dates can feel awkward. Once you get over the basic introductions, it can be easy to slip into casual remarks about the weather. But you can do so much better than that, dear reader. If your date starts to slide into weather territory, whip out our handy little guide of conversation starters.

Which parent do you relate with the most? 

How did you feel about their parenting style?

What would you do similarly as a parent someday? What would you change?

How long would you need to date someone before getting married?

How many kids do you want (if at all)? 

If the answer is no kids: why not? How much did your own childhood play into that sentiment?

If the answer is a number: why? How do you envision children changing you as an individual? What role do children serve in society?

What is your stance on war? Is it ever justifiable? 

How do we strive for peace in a world ridden with military conflict? 

What is your biggest insecurity? 

What was the moment you realized this? 

How does this inhibit you from pursuing your passions?

What was your first impression of me? 

Could you picture spending your future with me?

What do you admire most about me? 

What question are you trying to answer most in your life right now? 

What’s the most emotional pain you’ve ever been in? 

I’m starting a new job and I need an emergency contact. Can I put you down?