A few of you may know my friend, Matt Granitz. He graduated from Goshen last year, and one day this past fall semester, he came back to Goshen. 

A group of friends and I were going to meet him for dinner, though I wasn’t sure where we would be eating. GBCo is a fairly common place for us, so I simply assumed that that would be the meeting place. 

After sitting in the parking lot for a minute waiting for everyone else, I got a text from my good friend Chino, informing me that we were eating at Oasis, and everyone else was already there. Already late, I quickly drove over and ran into the restaurant. Once I found the table and sat down, the waitress came and asked what everyone would like to eat. 

Um… I hadn’t even looked at the menu yet. My split second decision was to order a salad, which I never order from restaurants, and I’m not sure why that was what I picked. 

Anyway, after everyone ordered, I got a moment to settle in and chat with my friends. All that anxiety and running around had made me thirsty, so I reached for my glass of water. 

Unknown to me, there was heavy condensation on the outside of the cup. When I picked it up, it immediately slipped out of my hand and the heavy base landed on my phone, spilling water all down the front of me. 

This caused me to jump up and grab the napkin that was sitting at my place. Of course there was silverware wrapped up in that napkin, which promptly fell onto the table with a crash. 

At this point I was totally flustered and everyone else was just looking at me. I decided that at this point I should just go to the bathroom and get myself cleaned up and then come back. 

I am sure you are all thinking, “Leah, of course this could not get worse, not possible.” Well I am here to prove you all wrong. 

As soon as I took a step out of the booth to go to the bathroom I tripped on the chair next to me and fell face-first to the ground. 

At that point I stood up, announced that I would be going home and quickly walked out of the restaurant. 

Again, it couldn’t get worse… right? My phone would beg to differ. 

I got home to Venmo for my food and realized that I couldn’t use my screen at all. The base of the cup hit the side of my phone perfectly and sent cracks running all over. 

In case you’re concerned about my wellbeing, don’t worry I’m mostly okay now.