We’ve given a lot of advice over the past few months, but if you allow yourself to take any of it in, let it be the following. If anyone knows the ins and outs of Goshen College, it’s us. We have spent the last four years making the most of our college experience, doing everything we can. Here is our advice and insider information that could make or break your future experience at this fine institution.  

1. We are college students. College students = broke. If you find yourself in need of a snack, then you did something wrong. Taking an extra banana or bagel from the Rott can greatly change the way you handle the midnight munchies.

2. Stay fit by utilizing the fruit vent. We all walk past it at least once a week and if not, it is not a far walk. Once you’ve armed yourself (in the most pacifist sense) with a couple clementines or an apple, simply huck the fruit toward the small vent at the top of the science building and hope for the best. Luckily if you miss, you have to keep trying — ergo, more exercise. 

3. Don’t live anywhere but Yoder as an underclassmen. We aren’t going to explain this one again, but it is important enough to repeat. If you feel like you need an explanation, head to The Record site and find the Funnies article from February 25. 

4. You can sleep when you’re dead. College is not the time for sleeping. There are things to do. 

5. Work at ITSMedia. That way you can get to know literally everyone’s name and they won’t know yours. It’s really fun (says Leah). 

6. Be the change you want to see on campus, and if you happen to break a few rules in the process… Well, sacrifices are needed sometimes. 

7. Take full advantage of the bulletin boards throughout campus. Very rarely are announcements switched or removed. Do with this information what you will.

8. You can never go to Taco Bell too many times. It’s cheap, it’s good, it’s good for the soul.

9. Sadly, Taco Bell, along with every other possible place you could buy food, closes after 2 a.m. (give or take) — EXCEPT for 7/11. So if it’s past 2 a.m., 7/11 is your friend. Denver recommends the sourdough and Boston cream donuts. 

10. May term = play term. Plan accordingly. 

11. Use your munch money. It’s free money (kind of). 

12. Get a longboard. You will look objectively cool and you will be able to sleep in another five minutes before class. 

We hope that this has been helpful, but we also hope you all go out and gather your own advice that you can share when you find yourself about to become a college graduate.