Wednesday night, first years, seniors and everybody in between gathered in Schrock Plaza to mourn the recent loss of Wi-Fi on campus. This student led vigil was a response to the tragic incident that has left many students without wireless Internet since early Tuesday afternoon.

“We just saw a lot of frustration among students on campus, and we hoped this would provide a healthy outlet for that…and perhaps some sort of resolution,” said sophomore Brooke Hostetter, one of the organizers of the event.

The vigil lasted for one hour and featured a prayer of hope, original student music and a router-burning ceremony.

“The burnt plastic smelled pretty awful, but it definitely felt like there was an overall release of emotion from the students,” added senior Rachel Friesen.

Despite the event, anger is still present as students have seen ease of internet access cut considerably.

“It really grinds my gears,” grumbled junior Connor Histand, “now I can’t watch the Tim and Eric show in bed. Boo ethernet.”

Said sophomore Will Troyer, “I’m so angry right now. I am as angry as William Wallace in Braveheart. Or maybe Mel Gibson in real life. Either/or.”

The emotions may be mixed, but there is an overall sense of confusion in the wake of the recent loss. What is the road ahead? The vigil is one step, but “we have a long road ahead,” said Hostetter.

UPDATE: Shortly after this article was written, Wi-Fi was back on. Students celebrated by lighting off fireworks and updating their Facebook statuses.