Hey Virgo!

This week, you’re ready to start feeling comfortable in your routine — maybe you can make it even more efficient! You’ll feel extra energized this week as Mars moves back into your sixth house.

What a great time to organize and reorganize, and then do it again — just what Virgos love! The cosmos is leaning in favor of you saying yes to a new opportunity. If you see one, snatch it up! The stars are on your side!

Romantic Venus is pulling for you this week, making you even more charming than usual. You could have a fated encounter with a stranger (or more likely, someone you’ve at least seen in the Rott), so keep your eyes and heart open! If your heart is already occupied, you may have to work extra hard not to give in to temptation. You might try closing your eyes and chanting the Core Values, a tried and true method of bringing people’s hearts back to the right place.

Professors born Aug. 23 – Sept. 23

Val Hershberger, Aug. 29

David Housman, Aug. 30

Ruth Stoltzfus, Sept. 8

Scott Hochstetler, Sept. 9

Jonathan Geiser, Sep. 15

Josh Boggs, Sep. 20

Ryan Sensenig, Sep. 22