This week I experienced a bowl of Ramen Noodles from The Big Munch, located in Miller 139.  Upon first entering the restaurant, which mostly functions as a dorm room, my nose was filled with the smell of teenage boys.  I was seated on a green couch with a red storage box as my dining table, and a fly buzzed about the room.

To begin the meal I was offered a piece of gum to “cleanse the palate”.  The head chef Phil Scott proceeded to prepare the food right before my eyes, much like a classy Japanese steak house.  When asked about his technique Scott replied, “Normally people like to put it in for two minutes but I put it in for one minute and fifteen seconds and stir it.”  While the noodles slowly revolved in the microwave I was offered an appetizer platter which consisted of hand blended trail mix, peanut butter, and Men’s daily multivitamin, all served upon a Spanish book.  For an added touch, sad-looking wilted flowers were placed on the table. I can only assume that this was an attempt to enhance the dining experience.

The noodles were a good consistency of chewable.  The length of the noodles was also satisfactory, none of them being obnoxiously long, but long enough to slurp up.  The water-to-noodle ratio was a bit off, with a minimal amount of water added, but for only having a fork to eat with, it made sense.  The flavor was about what is expected from Ramen but with something extra.  Scott’s secret ingredient is a fish food garnish which he claims enhances the flavor.

Overall I would rate this dish 3 meh’s out of 5.  If you are looking for a classic bowl of Ramen with a little zest, call up Phil Scott at The Big Munch and have him make you a bowl.  And if you have a dish that you think is the best and want it critiqued, e-mail me at