Thanks to all the loyal readers who took part in last week’s toughest professor poll. Round 1 was a smashing success — because the women smashed the men. 

Overwhelmingly, Ann Hostetler, Julie Reese and Anna Kurtz Kuk overtook their opponents.

At the end of each poll, we’ve included an open-ended section for you all to write why chose a certain professor. My favorite quote is this: “Women are tougher than men just by the nature of their existence. They can grow life, and they can destroy it with a stroke of a red felt-tip pen.”

One voter did feel that “Kyle Hufford ALWAYS requires an excessive amount of work,” but I guess that doesn’t make him tough enough! Don’t worry, Kyle. You can always assign more work!

Anna Kurtz Kuk won with a complete K-O, which isn’t surprising considering one voter was “pretty sure Anna KK is certified in stage combat.” Guess we know who we wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley!

Round 2 is underway. You can find the link or QR code on the Record’s social media. 

Sorry to those professors who took an L this week. To those still in the running, it isn’t too late to beef up your “tough” status. Maybe Anna Kurtz Kuk will take pity on you and teach you some stage combat. You can always assign that extra paper — or hold back your class on chicken tender day.