I made a version of this crossword for a scholarship a couple of years ago, and revised it for publication here as my final crossword in The Record. The theme seems fitting here. Thank you all for a wonderful four years of crosswords; it’s been such a joy to make them.


1.Going-out-of-business event

5. Sch. in Amherst

10. Popular game with virtual people, with “The”

14. Out of the office

15. 0°

16. Letter-shaped fastener

17. Journalistic opener that’s out of place?

19. ___ Mode, character in “The Incredibles”

20. Accompanying

21. Responding to a wedding invitation, for example

23. One attending track meets

27. Smidges

28. Heroine of Jean Auel’s “The Clan of the Cave Bear”

29. Journalistic tip to increase readability?

33. Colleagues

35. Cars that might not do well with speed bumps

36. Spanish she-bear

37. Greeting in Rio

39. Satellite inhabited continuously since 2000: Abbr.

40. Caress … or the recipient of caresses

41. Last step in the newsroom

44. Overjoy

46. Journalistic coverage of apples and oranges?

48. A, in German

49. Beg

50. The first one, sent by Samuel Morse, read “What hath God wrought?”

52. Said “nay”

55. Ship overnight, for example

56. Kuwaiti leader

57. Journalistic medium … or a hint to an addition found three times in this puzzle

62. Mode of transport that might be a stretch?

63. Wine from the Rhone Valley

64. Tiniest bit

65. Rate ___ (is perfect)

66. Manicurist’s board

67. Take a breather



1.Khan who founded Khan Academy

2. Wonder

3. Fella

4. Glasses, for example

5. Take out of an overhead bin, say

6. Jackpot

7. Pirate’s exclamation

8. Word after rock or gold

9. Conniving businessperson

10. Parent in a blended family

11. Out of commission

12. Olivia of “The Newsroom”

13. Without a date

18. Financial org. once deemed “too big to fail”

22. Traveling bag

23. J. Cole vs. Kendrick Lamar, for example

24. “I’m on it!”

25. Preschool activity often accompanied with a song

26. Home to the Christ the Redeemer statue, informally

30. Another name for a public feud on X

31. ___ Green, Scottish town famous for runaway weddings

32. Think the world of

34. Like some winter roads

38. Like Kahlil Gibran, ethnically

42. Hinged part of an airplane wing

43. “Am ___ fault?”

45. Shaving target for swimmers

47. Like some winter roads

51. Mind-reading ability, for short

52. Soccer star Carlos

53. Leave out

54. Ending with pseud- or syn-

58. Before, in poetry

59. Author for whom the Baltimore Ravens’ mascot was named

60. Flying saucer pilots

61. Snitch (on)

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