Lots of people seem to think that it’s a big deal that Jimmy B, Goshen College’s president, is leaving after the 2016-2017 school year. And it is. The Record had a front page news article about it. Many are talking about it, as they should be.

But I’m here to remind everyone that the 2016-2017 school year is also my last year too. The transition from Jimmy B to another GC President is difficult and overwhelming for the whole institution, as is the transition from having me as a student to not having me as a student must be for this institution.

I think it’s a good opportunity and an act of public service to use this article as space to help everyone process this fact.

President Brenneman has accomplished a whole lot at Goshen in his last 12 years, and I’ve learned in the past three years how to accomplish as much as I can while putting in the least amount of effort.

Jimmy B, for instance, has made Goshen a Silver-Star environmentally friendly campus. And I would have also received a Silver-Star in procrastinating on school work, if the Procrastinator’s Society ever got around to sending it, or if that group actually existed.

Look at us! Silver Stars all around!

Jimmy B has also raised a lot of money for Goshen College by talking to a lot of donors. Jimmy B just has that charisma about him that makes people want to give thousands of dollars to this institution.

I have also raised a lot of money for Goshen College by paying tuition bills for the last six semesters. And I will continue to pay off those bills to whichever student debt company buys my debt for the next decade in the most charismatic way that I can muster.

We’ve also had our struggles here at GC. Jimmy B had to struggle with the National Anthem debate that made national news in 2011. Lots of people on all sides of the issue were up in arms.

I’ve also had monumental struggles at Goshen College. For instance, going to 15 whole convocations every semester = struggle bus. Lots of people, namely students, are up in arms about this issue as well.

But, Jimmy B and I both made it through because of our patience and perseverance through difficult times, and I’m sure you can too.

With Jimmy B leaving and Jim Histand retiring from the President’s Council this past year, we’re only left with one sole Jim–Jim Caskey–to make decisions for us. Poor Jim C! I’m sure he’ll feel very lonely without the other Jims. This feeling of loneliness is similar to how you all will feel when I leave GC.

Maybe you readers and Jim C can get together and commiserate with one another about your losses.