I don’t feel like I need to introduce myself. Most of you know me or at least know my name. Last year, I was quite noticeable because of my unique stylish outfit, but this year almost everyone knows my actual name aside from my unique stylish outfit. Good for you, GC students.

Anyway, I was saying that I am so involved in the campus this year. I am doing nursing with the pre-med track (I don’t know what I was thinking in deciding to do so). I have two jobs, and I have two leadership positions. Guys, never do that!

Being involved is cool, but believe me, it is not as cool when your A’s start disappearing from your gradebook in Moodle.

However, there is one thing that is as cool as being known. I am proud of myself for knowing so many people on campus. During the week, I have classes and meetings in every single building on campus. It is impossible not to know people and interact with them.

Sometimes it really stresses me out when I see someone who I don’t recognize or have never seen before. I may put myself in an awkward situation because of it.

Well, that’s what happened last Saturday at brunch in the Rott. My friends and I were sitting at the table next to the fireplace having casual conversations until the guy walked into the Rott.

He was tall, wearing a heavy jacket and a cap. I looked at him and couldn’t recognize who he was. FYI, I can’t see far away well without my glasses and if you don’t have a class with me, you probably never saw me wearing them. (No, I don’t wear contact lenses.) He was not a far distance away, but I still thought it was just my myopia, or nearsightedness (didn’t take Anatomy for nothing; gotta use it…sorry).

I asked the people at my table, and they couldn’t catch who he was. After 10 to 15 minutes, that person was walking out of the Rott. Again, Annika and I were sitting next to each other and continued staring at the person, trying to figure out his identity. (Picture Annika and me in the Rott, and you will realize how hilarious and loud we are.)

Anyway, we were looking at him as he was walking out, and he looked back at us (it was pretty obvious that we both were staring at each other without saying a word)…yeah, you can imagine how awkward it was.

Finally, he left, but here’s the funny part. As soon as he got outside, Annika and I turned and looked out of the window at him (still trying to figure out who he was) and he also looked at us from outside.

When we realized that he was looking at us and how creepy we were being, we quickly ran away from the table, laughing, to escape his range of vision.

To that anonymous person, we deeply apologize for being creepy, weird and awkward. If you do know us, we would love to know you too!