When my friends and I heard that eccentric actor Tommy Wiseau — writer, star and director of the 2003 movie “The Room” — was going to be at a midnight showing of the cult classic film, we knew we had to go. This past weekend we drove up to Indianapolis and we weren’t disappointed. Tommy was just as crazy and unpredictable as the movie. But he wasn’t the only weird thing to happen to us that weekend.

Since it was a midnight showing we decided to book an AirBnB. Imagine our surprise when it turned out that our rental was located on David Lind Drive. When we entered the house, we thought surely these must be Mennonites. Their name was Miller — they had Peruvian art and they lived on a street with the same name as a GC prof. Alas, there was no fated Mennonite connection. But it did make me think… do we have other prof streets out there?

I turned to Google Maps to find out. If you want to visit Dan Smith Road, first you’ll have to decide if you like Michigan or Ohio better because there are not one but two Dan Smith Roads in this country. If you’re over chemistry, you could take a nice jaunt down to John Roth Road in Rothville, Missouri. But maybe you want to get out of this country. Consider visiting Matthew Hill in Cork, Ireland. And, according to google, there’s a mysterious business called Cheryl Caffee right here in Elkhart County if you’re not much of a traveler.

There’s no David Houseman Road or Street unfortunately but there is a David Hausman Designs in Pennsylvania. Maybe he secretly owns his own design business and changed the name to throw us off. Well, it didn’t work David — we know you’re an interior designer! You also won’t be able to find Paul Keim on any map but you can go see the dentist Richard Paul Keim in Georgia. And maybe there isn’t a Julie Reese boulevard but there is a Julie Drive in Reese, Michigan, which is almost the same thing.

My fellow seniors — as our graduation date approaches just remember that no matter where you are, Goshen College is with you in spirit. After all, there’s also a Goshen in New York, Georgia, Ohio and Kentucky.