Whoa! This is column number five!

I haven’t written this consistently for The Record since I was a news writer for Abby King (‘19) my freshman year. 

Anywho, even though this is my fifth edition of CCP, it is an edition of firsts as well. 

I am writing this on my iPhone. This time I won’t be complaining about the lack of an iPad keyboard, but whining about sore thumbs is not off the table.

The reason for the change of device is simple; I’m on a bus. 

This is the week that we SSTers say goodbye to Quito and hello to two thirds of the rest of Ecuador via a nine day bus trip. 

Now let’s get cracking, because I’m writing against the clock. Greta doesn’t like it when I turn in articles late and my phone is on 20%. 

Recently my dear friends at my former home made a buzzfeed quiz titled “Which Kenwood Boy are You?”

Posted in our house group chat, I naturally took it to see which one I was. 

On my first attempt I got Harrison, but after a quick complaint filed to the managerial office (the group chat) I took it again, and then got myself. 

Reading the description, I could see that I was a man of God, the best fortnite dancer of the group, lovable, and “live in the shadow of [my] more successful brother.”

I was appalled. 

It was an unfair claim and when I presented this to the brother himself (Andrew Pauls ‘17) he couldn’t have agreed more. 

“‘More successful’?? That’s not really fair, considering that you’re still in college and I have 4 years’ head start, lol,” said Pauls-Thomas. 

He was right, four years was a lot of time, and that idea of 4 years got me thinking of what my brother was doing exactly 4 years ago. 

He was on SST too, in Peru. 

SST is a very unique experience. I’m so thankful for the many things that it has and will offer, and one of the things I’m looking forward to most is connecting with my brother. 

Being four years apart, we never got to experience high school or college together. Now we are relearning what it means to relate to one another as adults. 

And now I’m on SST 2; Ecuador Boogaloo. 

Relating here we come.