It’s been a wild week for classrooms at Goshen College. Here are this week’s biggest winners and losers:

Top 4

Science Building 006 (↑1)

We may have undervalued it early on in the semester, but if there were still any doubters, this past week proved them wrong. SC 006 has been clicking on both sides of the classroom, ranking No. 3 in whiteboards and No. 1 in desk space to match. Now that its sticky keyboard has been fixed, I don’t see it getting kicked out of first place any time soon.

Wyse Hall 319 (↓1)

WY 319 has been dethroned after five straight weeks at the top, but not for lack of trying. Classrooms are adapting, and it seems this juggernaut might not be able to keep up with the rest of the pack anymore. Keep an eye on the nursing lectures the rest of the season — it might be downhill from here.

Science Building 107 (↑1)

If you needed more proof of North Conference dominance this year, look no further than SC 107. It’s running the best whiteboard scheme in the league right now, and it seems to have bounced back from its shaky projector performance in Week 4’s math classes. There’s a reason it’s not just STEM using this classroom.

Newcomer Center 12 (↑3)

It took some late natural-lighting heroics this week, but NC 12 is shaping up to be a top pick for the championship. This classroom is ready to prove itself in the league, and the fact that the South Conference presents no other clear challenger bodes well for its postseason dreams.

Bottom 4

Church-Chapel 112 (↓4)

We may have allowed CC 112’s strong start during syllabus week to affect our view of its potential. For a classroom that does almost everything right, it’s frustrating to see it fall to the bottom of this list. As the season goes on, more and more professors are writing on the board, and unfortunately, so long as CC 112 sticks to its outdated chalk philosophy, it isn’t going anywhere. 

Admin Building 28 (↑1)

How can a classroom ranked so high in size rank so low in spaciousness? Not to mention, AD 28 is allowing a whopping 6.7 water bottle falls per class, outmatched only by the 2006 Music Center choir room. The bye week couldn’t come any sooner.

Good Library 102 (↓6)

GL 102’s seesaw season continues, but we’ve started to see which way this one is really leaning. Computer speakers continue to hold it back, all of the desks are still facing away from the front of the classroom, and rumors of the Academic Success Center’s acquisition have fans worried they might finally move the classroom to the Union Building.

Newcomer Center 19 (—)

In theory, NC 19 is a top-tier classroom, but unfortunately some classrooms are just cursed. It’s on pace to have the worst sound performance since the 1985 Wyse 3rd choir room debacle. When a professor has to call ITS twice in one class, you know the top draft pick is all but guaranteed. Better luck next year.

In other news:

There are rumors that the physics department plans to trade rookie Max Smoker to the communication department in exchange for cash considerations and two broadcasting majors to be named later.

New projections suggest that the Admin Building elevator could be out for the start of next season — do third-floor classrooms still have a shot at the playoffs?

And sorry if you started the NC 17 whiteboard in fantasy: this week it posted the worst dry erase marker performance since 2013 (minimum 10 uses). 

More on those stories as they develop — see you next week.