Are you looking to be a face of the college? Come on out to our annual recruitment day of recruiters! (Not actually a thing.) Compare your charisma, intensity and articulation of GC values to the next guy in the deep pursuit of being the most passionate GC ambassador ever. We are looking for students who meet the following requirements:

1. Must be a mingle champion. Conquer your fear, gather your courage, put down your phone and lift your head and use those beautiful vocal chords God gave you! Your thumbs get enough of a workout; time to test your smile muscles. How quick can you get another person to smile? (Hint: the easiest way is to just smile yourself!)

3. Must be able to drop everything. See a lost student or family wandering back to the Welcome Center after a class? Run up to them and surprise them with your newfound Midwestern kindness. Looking for 110% dedication to the cause regardless of the potential inconvenience. Just getting in a quick lift at the Rec and super sweaty? But Lacey calls and needs a tour right now.  Skip the shower, borrow your closest accounting friend’s button-down shirt and we’ll see you soon!

2. Must be able to conduct a proper tour. Knowing where Jason Samuel’s office is important, but not as memorable as telling a story about that time you and your friends almost burned his house down at Thanksgiving. Knowing your material is critical. If the student is interested in English, talk with them about Red Cents, not Munch Money.

3. Must be able to host student/family for lunch. Give them a solid walk-through of the Rott and open their world to the art of mixing and matching with the soda machine. Get a small helping so that you can do seconds as a conversation break. Those smile muscles will thank you. On chicken fingers day, disregard that last sentence, fill that plate up to the max and tell your guest to get a bowl of BBQ!

4. Must be able to navigate the tough questions. Be as real and authentic as you can while still representing yourself and the college well. You might run into questions like “How does the college manage its squirrel problem?” or “Do students play fantasy football on this Christian campus?” or “What does the staff governance model look like here at GC?”. As for that last question, I nominate David Kempf for Staff President.

I’ll be hiring Student Ambassadors for fall 2018-19 soon. Look out for a Communicator announcement in the coming weeks.