I thought I would take this small space in your Record to talk about breakfast, because, well, breakfast is frickin’ awesome.  Pancakes, bacon, oatmeal, French toast, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, eggs over easy, eggs benedict, yogurt, Go-Gurt, hash browns, waffles, bacon, fruit in a cup, fruit in a bowl, fruit on top of fruit, fruit in your hand… I could go on, but I won’t for fear of rendering this newspaper unreadable in your wet, messy drool.

So you’re thinking to yourself, cool, so the guy likes breakfast.  Yes, I like breakfast.  I might even be willing to step things up in the bro to breakfast relationship scale by saying I love breakfast.  As a young child, one of my favorite restaurants was Cracker Barrel. Not because of the checkers and not because they let everything marinade in butter for a week, but because I could have the three-stack flapjack with a side of bacon and I could have it at eight in the morning, three in the afternoon or seven at night. It didn’t matter! But I’m not going on to tell you about myself.  We can do that some other time. Really, I’d love to chat. The message I’m promoting is a part of a breakfast movement – creating a little more recognition for a little month I like to call the Better Breakfast Month, which you and your amigos might refer to as September.

Now, I know how you treat that first meal of the day. Disrespecting it with your halves of bagels, those things known as pop-tarts, or even worse, sliding off to class with your gas tank pointing to E.  Get off those crazy pills and replace them with a hearty bowl of oatmeal, a big blueberry muffin, and a tall glass of OJ.  Maybe you can even get a little crazy with Aunt Jemima and the bisquick.  I’m just throwing things out there.  Ideas.  There are more where those came from – I got a whole truck full of ’em.  I’d love to dole out more if you too want to join in the Better Breakfast Month Movement. Thank you.