I’ve noticed that Goshen College seems to have a slight superiority complex about its squirrels. This issue of The Record is a great example, how many photos and mentions of squirrels does one issue need!? I wondered to myself: are Goshen’s squirrels really that special? Do other college campuses have squirrels too? I decided to take matters into my own hands and did some investigative reporting into the other 66 colleges in Indiana. Below are my findings, a list of other campuses in Indiana that also have squirrels. 


Ball State

2. University of Notre Dame

3. Depauw University

4. Butler University


6. Taylor University

7. Indiana State University

8. University of Evansville

9. Wabash College

10. Bethel University

11. Valparaiso University

12. Grace College

58. Hanover College

59. Huntington University

60. Franklin College

61. Indiana Tech

62. Trine University

63. Manchester University

64. Holy Cross College

65.Martin University

66. IU Northwest