Catching Introduction: History majors are taking over the funnies for this semester. Get ready for some boring, researched, footnoted, fact-checked articles with referenced primary and secondary sources (due to a word limit, a bibliography will not be included in this article). Please enjoy a beautiful essay outline of an informative paper.


Abstract: An interview was done on Katie Yoder, a student at Goshen College who is co-editing the funnies for the Record.


Thesis: Katie Yoder will do a great job being a co-editor based on a personal, informative interview.


Example 1: She is smart and social.

What are the first three things she would do at the start of the semester?

Firstly, she organizes the big stack of books that she has to read for all her history classes, and then she gets overwhelmed. Secondly, she ignores her pile of books and hangs out with friends. Thirdly, once she is tired of people, she then goes to a isolated hole in the library and starts reading the stack of books.


Example 2: She has friends. Hence, the funnies will have readers.

Is Katie her full name/official documented name?

Yes, and she finds it interesting that all her friends sometime during their friendship have asked her the same question.


Example 3: She has a lot of arm strength, so she will be able to write a ton of articles.

If she were stuck on an island with one boot, what would she do?

She said the obvious answer is to collect rainwater. But that doesn’t get her off the island. So instead she would throw the boot up in the air to hit a plane passing by and to throw them off course and notice her.


Example 4: When presented a task, she stays on course.

What is her favorite season?

All seasons are her favorite. But she gets very excited about winter. She went on to explain how she likes Easter because it’s underrated. Her words exactly were, “Easter pops up on a Sunday, you celebrate it then you’re good.” She also said that Thanksgiving is underrated because it’s between Halloween and Christmas which are two big marketing and consumer holidays.


Example 5: She is aware of climate problems. #climatechange #FightForOurReef

If she were to die tomorrow, where would she want to go today?

The one place she wants to go to if she were to die the next day is the Great Barrier Reef. She commented that it may die before she realistically dies.  


Example 6: She knows how to relate to people.

If she created a number-one hit song on the radio, what would it be about?

The number-one hit by Katie Yoder would be a song about awkward encounters with humans.


Example 7: She has common interest as the other co-editor of the funnies.

Does she prefer laces or Velcro on shoes?



Conclusion: From these intense interview questions, Katie Yoder would be a great co-editor of the funnies. Each of her answers shines a light on how she will contribute to the Record funnies page.