This past May term, I lost my longboard. Or should I say, I left it behind. Due to the combination of a last-minute use and the flurry of my end-of-the-year RA duties, I ended up leaving my longboard somewhere on campus last spring. 

At the beginning of this school year, I came back on campus and searched and searched, but to no avail. 

She was gone.

I could think of no better way to honor the lost than by ranking the best places to ride longboard and scooter alike, the best sidewalks on campus.

Leafraker ⟶ Wyse Straightaway 

The perfect route for a PJCS or nursing major with a chicken quesadilla in hand. This route shoots you directly from the Freshly Remodeled Fraker™ to Wisened Wyse Hall. Starting from the Fraker, the new squeaky clean cement makes for a seamless ride — no need to worry about slips or spills here! It’s a straight shot, but be cautious of collisions at the Broken Shield intersection!

Winona Railway Trail to the Athletic Complex

When you’re hightailing it to a soccer game with a vuvuzela in your back pocket, you don’t want to worry about rough driving plane. No need to worry! The sidewalk that leads to the sports fields provides just that. If you’re brave enough, the ground beyond the end of the sidewalk has been pounded to the hardness of cement by thousands of college students before us, so it can also serve as another surface to ride on if one is simply brave enough.

The Tennis Court Circuit

Looking for a never-ending circle of pavement to buzz around like a bee to a hive? Look no further than the Tennis Court Circuit. This continuous loop of sidewalk provides the perfect track for speedy boarders and scooters alike. Although this sidewalk doesn’t take you anywhere but itself, this strip is Evan Krabill approved, so you know it’s one of the best!