I recently had the opportunity to sit down with my co-editor for the funnies. It was basically like an episode of “Oprah” or “Ellen,” except without the cameras or dancing or charismatic host. But in any case, it gives you the opportunity to learn just how funny Hannah Hostetter really is.

Me: First off, do you have an alter-ego?

Hannah: (long pause) Can I get a definition?

Me: Sure. When I’ve written for the funnies page in the past, I’ve called myself ‘Ohio Yoder.’

Hannah: Ohhhhh…My alter-ego…Can I think about it and then get back to you by the end of the interview?

Me: Of course. So, what do you think qualifies you to be the funnies editor?

Hannah: I think I’m funny.

Me: And other people think you’re funny?

Hannah: And people think I’m funny.

Me: Do you do any cool tricks?

Hannah: Like magic?

Me: Sure.

Hannah: I can do the basic…you know, things up your sleeve, like, “Oooh, what’s that?”

Me: Otherwise, how would you describe your kind of humor?

Hannah: My humor? Very blunt. Very sarcastic. It can go from sarcastic to completely weird and I think I’m funny, but I’m probably the only one that thinks I’m funny. But usually it’s blunt and sarcastic.

Me: What is the funniest thing that you’ve experienced at Goshen College?

Hannah: I mean…it would probably…I honestly don’t think I’ve seen that many funny things. No, I guess I’m pretty boring…um, yeah. I’m pretty boring.

Me: I don’t believe that…

Hannah: Yep. Nope.

Me: Do you think that there are any conversations that we can start with humor here on campus?

Hannah: Money.

Me: Money?

Hannah: Like how much we pay for stuff on-campus. Do you know we have to pay 75 dollars to graduate?

Me: You do?

Hannah: Yeah, I don’t understand where that money goes, but I have to pay 75 dollars to graduate.

Me: Like for a diploma?

Hannah: Yeah, but it’s not gonna cost 75 dollars to print out a piece of paper.

Me: Ohhh. But do you mean money in other things, like what students pay or the college?

Hannah: Yeah, like what the college does with money, or like…we have huge TV lounges on every floor. I mean, I guess that’s OK. Also, the art building! You could upgrade the art building. It’s a really cool art building, but it could definitely use an upgrade.

Me: Yeah, I guess money is just one of those things that’s just sticky talking about when you’re not making fun of it.

Hannah: And I feel like it’s something that no one’s really gonna get offended about because everyone kind of knows it’s not going to change.

Me: But could it?

Hannah: I mean, it could but…no. I have problems doing humor on other more extensive topics…but money, super-stereotypical things about majors…

Me: Do you think that stereotypes of majors are funny? Or do they annoy you?

Hannah: No, I think they’re funny.

Me: When you tell people you’re a history major, what’s their first response?

Hannah: “Ew.” Usually it’s honestly like, “Eh, that’s so much reading and writing and memorizing.” But if they took me to trivia with them, they would learn how little I actually know.

Me: Yeah…all right. So I guess my last two questions are…history major to history major: Do you believe that the U.S. landed on the moon? And the second, what do you think really happened to Amelia Earhart?

Hannah: Oh my gosh! Oh, oh, oh no. Oh! Ok, the obvious answer to the first question is yes.

Me: The obvious answer?

Hannah: By the all research we have, scientifically, yes. But, history major to history major, we know how much is made up…especially with government stuff…the whole landing on the moon was us against Russia. Like, I can definitely see that being fake, at least the first time…but I know I know I’m wrong, I just like to believe…

Me: But yeah, there’s the critical analysis of it. Could people have lied about it?

Hannah: And Amelia Earhart…so, when I am about to die, like, I’m on death bed…I want someone—no! I’ll do it myself. I will get on a plane and fly to that triangle thing.

Me: The Bermuda Triangle?

Hannah: Yeah, because I believe there’s like some magical stuff over there. And I just want to know what really happened, you know?

Me: What would you guess would happen if you flew over the Bermuda Triangle?

Hannah: So either I die instantly or—I’d fly right through it and just wasted a lot of money on buying a plane. Or! It’s like Neverland. Just this cool island with a bunch of cool people that are cool…

Me: So you think that if your third scenario is true, Amelia Earhart was hanging out on some type of island somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle?

Hannah: Yeah…maybe it’s like “Madagascar.” They all live in planes that have crashed there.

Me: So it’s like the island in the movie “Madagascar?”

Hannah: Yeah, which is Madagascar, but, yes.

Me: OK, thank you. I think those are some good answers.

Note: While we did not determine Hannah’s alter-ego, we hope to do so by the end of the semester. We also hope to hear from you. Yes, you. If you think you’re funny enough to grace these pages, give us a ringy-ding-ding. Or email works, too.