I stepped into a dimly lit hallway. A voice came from another room.

“You probably want me to cook stuff for you now, eh?”

I gulped.

I did indeed come here in search of food, but I was skeptical. As I sat down at a small square table covered with various kitchen items, I noted that there was a thin layer of food crumbs already on the table. If this dinner didn’t work out, I could probably just eat these crumbs.

The chef shuffled about the kitchen and put a small bowl in front of me.

“This is going to be your first course.”

I looked down, and it was completely empty.

Soon, my bowl was filled with raw oats. My host then dolloped a generous helping of peanut butter on top, followed by a portion of agave nectar.

“I got this stuff from a bunch of people moving out of Canada House,” the chef said, stirring it all together with a butter knife.

I rarely eat dishes that have such a quick turnaround from being individual ingredients to becoming such a delightful first course. It was heavy on protein, but in a pleasant way.

The second course was more creative than anything that I have ever seen at the Fusion station at the Rott, which is really saying something. The chef quickly cut two raw mushrooms in half, only knocking over the entire container of mushrooms once.

On each of the four slices of mushroom he placed a drop of agave nectar. I again was skeptical, but was quickly won over. The mushrooms provided an oaky afterbirth to the agave nectar, and I will probably use this quick and easy combination at the next potluck I attend.

After I had eaten the last drop of agave nectar, I thanked Chef Yoder profusely. My life is truly changed now, in a way I simply cannot describe in only 318 words.