To make a little extra cash during the semester, I DoorDash from time to time around Goshen and Elkhart. For those who don’t know, DoorDash is a food delivery service where customers can use the app to order food from a variety of restaurants in the area. My job is to drive to the restaurant, pick up the food, and deliver it to the customer. Pretty straightforward. 

Well, last week I got an order from a place that I hadn’t been to before: Potrillos Mexican Grill. I made my way to Potrillos, and, as I pulled into the parking lot, another driver was pulling in at the same time. They were by themself and checking their phone. This is a common site while DoorDashing, as I often see other DoorDashers walking in and out of restaurants at the same time as me. 

As I began walking into the front door of Potrillos, I saw that they were walking into what looked to me like a side door. Assuming this person was a fellow DoorDasher who had been here before and knew where they were going, I decided to follow them through the “side door”. 

When I got inside, I recognized a fellow Goshen College student (who shall not be named but plays on the women’s volleyball team so guess away) working at the desk. “What’s up?” I said. 

“Last name?” she asked. 

“Oh, I’m picking up for DoorDash.” 

After a confused look, she said, “I think that’s next door. This is a tanning place.” 

Yes. I walked into Tiki Tan to try and pick up DoorDash. 

The most embarrassing part of this story for me is that when I walked in initially, she didn’t think twice and just said “last name?” 

To the Goshen College student working the desk: for the record, I do not tan regularly; this is my natural skin color.