I feel bad for Phil. He is covering the entire Funnies section by himself. That is so sad for me since the Funnies is the only page of The Record that I read. I mean, yes, Phil is funny. He can tell some good jokes and he is also a good editor, but come on people, help him out. I don’t want to stop reading The Record – I mean – the only page I do read.

Since I am telling people to help Phil out, I figured that I should practice what I preach and write an article myself and have been waiting for something funny to happen so that I could write about it.

So here you go, a funny story happened on the International Women’s Day! In front of two-thirds of campus, I forgot the words of my poem, got so nervous and paused so many times. It is still so embarrassing to think about, however, psychologists say that joking about embarrassing moments make them less embarrassing.

(Actually, I don’t know if psychologists say that, but it sounds right to me!)

If you know me well enough, you’ll know that I am not afraid of being on stage. I am totally fine speaking in front of people. Coincidentally, early that day I was thinking that if there was a speech major, I would definitely switch my major to that. Not any more I guess. I’m going to stick with nursing.

Anyway, I was trying to figure out what happened that day and why I messed up so much on my speech. The first idea that came to mind was that I was bewitched by a witch, probably Carter Mckay-Epp. Earlier that day, I was telling a group of my friends at the lunch table that they should come to the event, and Carter said, “Oh Sara, of course you are talking, it’s going to be great.” With his magical words, my speech delivery talents were unwittingly affected and twisted. Yet I still responded with a courteous, “Thanks bro!”

Okay, maybe, the second reason is that I didn’t practice before that day; I mean I only spent the hour and a half right before trying to memorize the poem. Apparently, our moms and teachers know what they talk about when they tell us not to study the day of the exam, but we do it anyway; we give it our best shot. Somehow, it works with Chemistry exams, but not speeches.

Finally, you people are so nice (at least you act like that in front of me). I do appreciate you clapping for me at the end of the poem because it would have been extremely awkward and embarrassing otherwise, but you didn’t have to do that. Have some honesty people! I do appreciate nice words though, thank you.

And finally-er, come to the international coffeehouse! I promise, I won’t sit with Carter at lunch on Mar. 18.