Sitting in the Rott under the pleasant glow of fluorescent lighting, I patiently waited for dessert to be served.  What was set before me was every nine-year-old’s dream: a heaping bowl of ice cream loaded with peanut butter and other surprises. After swallowing some dairy digestive supplements—a lifesaver to any lactose-intolerant individual who just wants dairy—I began my endeavor on the B-RAD-G.  Scooping up a big spoonful and making sure to get all the layers, as instructed by the chef, I took my first bite.  My taste buds applauded my choice of dessert, cheering wildly like fans at a Goshen College soccer game.

The dish, prepared by Stuart Graber using ingredients found at the Rott, is an age-old recipe passed down through generations, a treat full of family tradition. The dessert was originally invented by Graber’s older brother, Brad, a GC graduate and former frequenter of the Rott. I was lucky enough to procure the secret recipe according to Stu.

“You start with a bowl and cake the inside with peanut butter a quarter-inch thick,” he explained. “Next you go to the cereal line and make your selections; this one has Rice Krispies. Then you drizzle it with honey and microwave it for 25 seconds. On top of that you put soft serve ice cream.”

The flavor is as intense and dynamic as the process it takes to make the dish.  It is also suggested that the B-RAD-G be shared dessert, made in a one-size-fits-all fashion. Overall, I give this dish 4 out of 5 mehs—a tasty experience, but, as a personal preference, I could have done without the chocolate half of the twist ice cream.