1. The squirrels here are strange. If there was a contest for the friendliest campus squirrels in the nation, I think GC would have a legitimate shot of taking the crown. But “why are the squirrels so friendly?” is my real question.

2. Indiana is too cold. I know it’s only November, but I do not enjoy scraping frost from my car windshield. I don’t even want to think about what it will be like come January and February.

3. Spring Kick Off needs to happen. I know they say no final decisions have been made, but we need to know while there is still time to save it.

4. No classes should be held on the third floor of the Ad Building. Honestly though, who stuck classes up there and then stuck the bathrooms in the basement? College students are literally* the laziest people ever.

5. Java Junction should have started the delivery service last year. Refer to the previous point that proves that college students are the literally** the laziest people ever.

6. ITSMedia has the best candy. Every time your computer is broken, and you go into ITSMedia only to find out you actually have to go to ITS Computing, at least that candy bowl is always filled to the brim. (Who knows, Hannah Thill’s smiling face might even be there to greet you.) We can all agree that the detour was worth it.

7. Every week should have a Reading Day. Just think of what life would be like with a three-day weekend each week! I’m sure we’d all be fine taking a slightly heavier load throughout the week so that we can “read” every Monday (or sleep).

8. Fruity Dyno Bites are the best cereal the Rott has to offer. This one really needs no explanation. And unless they add Reese’s Puffs, this will never change.

9. The person who sets off the fire alarm automatically becomes public enemy number one. Honestly, if you can’t make popcorn without burning it or you put mac and cheese in the microwave without water, what are you even doing in college?***

10. Winning an intramural is an automatic bragging right. A. league or B. league, it does not matter. You deserve our ultimate respect (and the same t-shirt every time, but at least it’s a new color).

*This fact has not been scientifically proven; it’s just a very educated guess.

**No research was done in between the writing of either point.

***That’s a bit harsh. You deserve to be in college. But seriously, pay attention!