With her quintessential Farrow-esque haircut, Ida Short, senior art major and piano pedagogy minor, sat down in the lounge to share her insight about the artistic world.

Instead of following the often-repeated dogma ‘’l’art pour l’art (art for art’s sake),” she strives to use art as a medium for change. For Short, art is not just about pretty colors on a piece of paper, it is a channel for relationships.

“Through art, I definitely like to keep in mind how we perceive each other and want to show our humanity in everyone,” Short said.

Short began making art at an early age. Her passion for creativity was sparked by the influence of her mother, who was also an art major, as well as her high school art teacher.

“In high school, I got really interested in art, and I enjoy how it can portray messages and bring people together for a common cause,” Short said.

When asked which artists have influenced her most, Short shared a condensed list of her top three favorite artists: Frida Kahlo, Romaine Brooks, and Ben Shawn.

Short wishes to emulate the masters of art before her, yet still emerge with her own style.

Short challenges the stigma of a starving artist by exploring different career possibilities.

“People assume you’re a poor studio artist, or [else] you’re becoming an art teacher, but I realized there [are] more opportunities [involving art] within the community,” she said.

She also responded to the common misunderstanding that art majors don’t get a lot of homework.

“I do spend a lot of time and effort,” Short said.

After going back and forth as a double major in art and music, Short realized that she wanted a career in art after college.

“It was always about focusing on art,” Short said.