Martin’s lip: In defense of fuzz

Martin’s lip: In defense of fuzz

Photo contributed by John Miller

By Martin Hofkamp

Contributing Writer

Welp, it’s that time of year again. We can finally escape razors, shavers, clippers, tweezers and wax for a whole month and celebrate what is universally known as “No Shave November” (NSN). This is your chance to refuse to conform to a hair hating society and celebrate your body by embracing the hair, fuzz or fur on your faces, armpits, legs, etc.  If you can’t already tell, I love NSN because it gives me an excuse to ignore the fact that I can’t grow any respectable facial hair but still flaunt my fearless face fuzz.

My first year I was three weeks into NSN before Laurel Woodward asked “are you doing NSN?” She was the first person to notice. Last year, for the first time, I started growing a noticeable chin strap. It was exciting to see that I could grow about 500 percent more hair, but disappointing because I didn’t have much of a mustache. So I decided to not shave my upper lip. I just let my lips free and I haven’t trimmed my ‘stache since October 31 of last year.

Let’s put that into perspective. When I started to grow my mustache Romney had not secured the Republican nomination, the summer Olympics were months away and nobody had even mentioned “iPads” and “first-years” in the same sentence. Babies have been conceived and born since I started growing my mustache.

“Why?” you might ask. I’ll give you ten, no, eleven reasons: Sean Connery, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Frieda Kahlo, Ron Burgundy, Albert Einstein, Paul Meyer-Reimer,  Theodor Roosevelt, Larry Bird, Mohammad Rasoulipour and the Beatles (a clarification: Hitler did NOT have a mustache. He simply had ungodly nose hair).

If you share my passion of NSN and want to celebrate facial hair, I am pleased to announce that I am making a “mustache touching” form available. Since my mustache is fragile, only a limited number can have access.  Just fill out the following application, bring it to Kenwood, or put it in campus mail, and it could be you!

Written by johnm68

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