Many onlookers saw Errick McCollum’s momentum-shifting dunk at the Goshen College men’s basketball game against Grace College on Jan. 5, but many more saw it after the game.

The video, entitled “The Dunk,” quickly hit However, the publicity didn’t stop there; the video continued to make a splash all over the Internet.

Some sites deemed McCollum’s basket the “best dunk of the year (so far),” ” the most ’emphatic, thunderous and impressive dunk in college basketball this year,” and “the dunk of the 2009/2010 season,” saying that McCollum is the “NAIA dunking stud.”

However, bloggers weren’t the only ones going crazy for the video of the dunk. On Friday, McCollum’s dunk made it onto the national sports network ESPN’s “Top Ten,” holding its own at number six, along with the likes of the NCAA Divison I and the NBA.

When asked about his initial reaction to being on ESPN, McCollum said “I was very surprised.”  He said that it was “something I had never imagined.”

He said that later he felt “honored to be chosen for it,” and had “never anticipated it happening.”

For those who still have not seen it, the video is still available online. The easiest way to find it is to search YouTube for “Goshen College Basketball.” At 27,570 views (and counting) on YouTube alone, you won’t be the only one watching.