It was announced in the faculty bulletin this past Friday that women’s soccer coaches Scott and Anne Gloden, who have been with Goshen for three years, will no longer be working for Goshen College. The announcement comes after conversations that took place between the women on the soccer team and administration.

Last semester, the women’s soccer team sensed that the Glodens were not a good fit for the team as head and assistant coaches. After an attempt to talk to the Glodens directly did not go well, the team decided to go to the administration about the issue.

The issue with the coaches officially arose during the season review that happened after the women’s soccer season was over. Through this feedback process, the women were able to communicate to the administration that the Glodens were not a good fit for the team.

Ken Newbold, vice president and provost of Goshen College, credited Josh Gleason, GC’s athletic director, as being a vital piece in the communication process that took place between the administration and the women on the team.

“There were a number of challenges that were going on with the team from a culture standpoint,” said Newbold. “There was a fit question [about] the relationships [on the team] and how that was working.”

Alyssa Arella, a sophomore player on the team, echoed Newbold’s words.

“Overall, I don’t think that the fit was right for the coaches, players and school,” said Arella. “The style that [Gloden] coached didn’t seem to fit with the players’ style and there were many clashes of personality and judgement.”

Newbold also stated the administration is looking to launch a search for a new head coach. Currently, Drew Nussbaum, the assistant coach of the women’s soccer team, is acting as the interim head coach.

There will be a search committee for a new coach consisting of representatives from the faculty, the athletic department and student athletes. Stephanie Miller, associate athletic director, will head the committee.

Newbold hopes that the head coach position will be filled by the end of the academic year and is sure there will be someone named by the beginning of the next academic year.

Megan Bower, one of the team captains, said that the best thing for everyone on the team is to take a step back and take a deep breath. She thinks that spring break will help the team do that and is looking forward for a fresh start for the team next year.

“Everyone feels differently, but the one thing we have in common is that we’re…just ready to have a new start,” said Katie Baer, a first-year goalie for the team. “We’re excited to play soccer again. We’re excited go out next season and give everything we have on the field.”