The Goshen College radio station 91.1 FM The Globe was named the “Best College Station in the Nation” at the 71st Annual Conference of the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) last week, beating out last year's winner, DePaul University of Chicago.

Additionally, several Goshen College broadcasting students in television and radio racked up various other  awards in local and national competitions.

The conference took place in New York City last week, March 10-13. According to the IBS official website, the conference is attended by over 1200 student radio and webcasters and consists of 115 seminars, tours, and other events.

For the radio competition, the Globe entered an audition tape portraying different types of programming that was then reviewed by judges from around the nation.

Jason Samuel, general manager of The Globe since 2003, and five student finalists attended the conference. The students were Jimmy Cassoday, a sophomore, Trisha Handrich, a senior, Benjamin Kelly and Kelsey Morris, both sophomores, and Andrew Witkowski, a first year.

Goshen College students also received six television awards at the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters (IASB) Television Competition. Overall, the Goshen College television station won second place in Indiana, missing first place by only one point to Ball State University.

According to Kelly, the students had to submit their category-specific pieces by February 4th. They were then judged according to the individual category guidelines.

First place winners were: Kelly as television anchor; Jacob Landis-Eigsti, a senior, in both the music video and entertainment video categories; and 2010 graduate Lauren Morales in the television spot production category.

Second place awards went to Sammy Rosario, a sophomore, in the music video category and to Yolo Lopez-Perez, a sophomore, and Daniel Penner, a junior, in the video in-depth category.

“The IASB and ISM awards demonstrate the hard work we all put in,” said Kelly. “We were one of the smallest schools to enter the contests, but we are a very talented and hard working group. It is a great feeling to know that I had a part in making Goshen College one of the top Television schools in the state and the best radio station in the nation.”