[caption id="attachment_32869" align="alignright" width="350"]Maddie Birky (left), junior, and Jordan Waidelich, junior, have accepted Editor-in-Chief positions for next year. Maddie Birky (left), junior, and Jordan Waidelich, junior, have accepted Editor-in-Chief positions for next year.[/caption]

The editors-in-chief of next year’s Record will be Jordan Waidelich and Maddie Birky, both of whom will be seniors. Waidelich will fill the one-semester position in the fall, followed by Birky in the spring.

When asked why he chose Waidelich and Birky, Duane Stoltzfus, communications professor and Record adviser, referenced “their passion for journalism, especially journalism at Goshen College.”

Waidelich, a communications major, transferred to Goshen from Hesston College last year. While at Hesston, Waidelich worked for the Hesston Horizon. Since her transfer, she has worked for the Record as a staff writer and as editor of the Perspectives page. She has also pursued her journalism interests in the classroom and the larger Goshen community, serving on a team of students who did election coverage for the Elkhart Truth.

Waidelich’s career goals are open-ended at this point because her journalistic interests range cover a wide range, from politics and news to investigative journalism.

“One of my dream jobs would be to work covering women’s sports somewhere like ESPNW,” she said. “I’m also really passionate about mental health awareness and would love to work with an organization like To Write Love On Her Arms.”

During her semester as editor-in-chief of the Record, Waidelich plans to set the bar high. She said “Writing is something I’m devoting my life to, and I see how effective strong writing can be, so I will have high standards for my staff. I’ve seen how high the expectations for the Record are and have been, and I want to continue to uphold that excellence.”

Waidelich describes her leadership style as a “calmer voice,” one which carries a sense of humor alongside a tough work ethic. She believes in her work for the Record because “it’s student-led, open to student voices, and for students. I’m not sure what could be more important than that.”

The team context of the Record appeals to Waidelich as a space for developing her own writing and leadership skills. She said, “I know it will challenge me and force me out of my comfort zone, but I’m also confident that at the end of it, I will be such a better writer and effective in working with a number of different people.”

Birky, a Spanish and journalism double major, will serve as editor-in-chief during the 2016-2017 spring semester.

When asked what she will bring to the Record, Birky cited several recent travel experiences. “After having spent time living in three different countries in the past twelve months, I hope to bring a fresh perspective to the paper.”

Birky will rejoin the GC community this coming June following a semester in Spain.

Birky also wants to bring “a sense of life and urgency to the paper.” She said, “I want the Record to be known for its uniqueness and strength on campus and for it to be used as a tool for bettering our community.”

Since her first year at Goshen, Birky has written for the Record every semester. She started off as a contributing writer and has served as features editor, news editor and associate editor.

Birky’s work for the Record is what inspired her to pursue journalism as a major. She said, “I saw the importance of the Record in the sense that it gave voice to those who usually don’t get the chance to have their ideas, thoughts and beliefs heard.”

Beyond her ambitions for the Record, Birky plans to pursue a career in Spanish and English translation and interpretation alongside journalism.

Waidelich and Birky completed the editor-in-chief application process and were chosen by Stoltzfus to fill the positions. Stoltzfus said, “We feel very fortunate to have them waiting in the wings as editors for next year.”