The President’s Council has released tuition, room and board costs for the 2012-13 school year. In a statement sent to students Wednesday afternoon, Jim Histand, vice president of finance, revealed that tuition will cost $26,900, room $4,750 and board $4,250 for the full year.

“For the past decade or so, Goshen has been taking a very steady and consistent approach to its pricing and working very hard to contain costs from year to year,” said Histand. “Current year increases are very similar to prior years.”

The numbers represent a $1,550 total increase for students. However, the option to take 16 credit hours per semester beginning next fall will also be offered.

Students are currently able to take 15 credit hours without paying extra, so students who chose to take 16 hours next year will pay $80 less in tuition than they would pay to take 16 hours this year.

Said Histand, “Adjustments are made as necessary to bring things to a budget that sustains the institution over time and allows us to successfully provide our quality educational program to students. “

For more information on financial aid and costs, contact the financial aid office.