When Jim Brenneman dresses for work, he prefers not to wear a tie.

“One of the hard things about having lived in California for 26 years is that I’m uncomfortable wearing a suit and tie,” Brenneman said. “I call it my poodle suit, the uniform I wear to do my presidential duties.”

He arrives at the college around 8:15 or 8:30 a.m., now that his son is in high school and able to drive. When Brenneman drove his son to school, he liked to be home for breakfast.

Brenneman tries hard to keep his mornings “sacred,” with no scheduled meetings or events until noon or one. He uses the time to reflect, to prepare for speeches and other events.

After noon, though, there’s almost never a time when Brenneman isn’t booked down to the hour. What does the afternoon consist of?

He meets with students, faculty, donors and community members on a regular basis, attends Rotary meetings, has presidential teas in his office. Brenneman doesn’t always find time for lunch, but when he does visit the Leaf Raker, his usual is always a fountain drink and a wrap.

Brenneman’s quitting time varies each day. Sometimes he’ll stay to go to a game or event. With such a packed routine, coffee helps keep him going – a Starbucks caramel macchiato, to be precise.